Clutch Announces Exerge as The Top B2B Company

Exerge IT, since its founding in 2015 (known as Whinstone Solutions back then), has been committed to delivering the best service to our clients in the e-commerce, information technology, and business industries. We pride ourselves on the tenacious work ethic because that’s the way to keep our client’s business successful even after we’re done metric intake., B2B, b2c ecommerce,b2b ecommerce, B2B Company, development of b2b e-commerce,

  “Being awarded the top performer in the ‘Firms that Deliver’ at Clutch is a big achievement for Exerge IT. The company thanks its customers for the positive feedback and the team for raising the bar higher for times to come.”

– Adeel Omer Malik – CEO, Exerge

Clutch, the B2B ratings and review platform, recently published the awards for the “Top B2B Companies Middle East 2019” and we at Exerge IT are grateful to say that we have been named among the leading firms. We regularly request our clients to regularly submit their feedback anonymously and it has paid off.

Clutch relies on honest, verified reviews to match businesses with the best company to fulfill their projects. This means that we couldn’t have gotten this award if it wasn’t for our clients who choose to work with us and still appreciate our work after it’s ended. There are many agencies in the region to work with and we are appreciative of you trusting us with your projects.

At Exerge, we love the work we have done. Clutch’s sister websites – Visual Objects and The Manifest – showcase our companies in different ways besides reviews on Clutch. You can check out our digital portfolio of work with past clients on the Visual Objects 2019 list for digital marketing agencies. Find industry trends, industry-related news, and why we are one of the leaders on The Manifest.

We are looking forward to another year of product development that fits our future client’s business objectives and industry dream. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to be a global leader in web development.