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Custom web applications.

Need to get your MVP designed and developed? Our team of ex-startup founders and founding members from YC & Techstar backed companies can help you develop custom web applications for your business.

Simple & transparent contractual & hourly rates

Complex Application Development Services

Building Products That Scale

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust software that is built around your business. We help deliver iterative approaches to establish a product-market fit that benefits your business and customers.

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Robust apps that scale.

Exerge IT is your one-stop software development partner with expertise in React based frameworks, CMS systems as well as other powerful scripting languages to get your MVP to market.

NodeJS/React Based Frameworks

We are your go-to MVP & App development company when it comes to developing custom apps on NodeJS based frameworks like NextJS, Express and more.

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NodeJS applications development agency
Zapier integration experts
no code/low code web and mobile developers

No-code/Low-code frameworks

For faster turnaround times and simplicity, we have expertise in maintaining and scaling apps built using Airtable, webflow and other no/low code frameworks.

Other technologies & frameworks

Got a custom framework requirement? We also develop & design apps in multiple frameworks like Php, Asp .Net, jQuery, and others.

strapi software backend developers
NFT marketplace website developers
Berlitz CRM

" We build solutions that drive your organization's growth. We've worked on thousands of projects with companies both big and small. You're welcome to reach out and discuss your project. "

— Adeel Malik, Executive Officer

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Exerge - Your web and mobile development partner

Custom Web Application Development Services

MVP & custom app development services you'll love. We handle your tech so you focus on what's more important for your business - Gowth.


Scripting has come a long way. We can develop custom libraries, modules and scripts to bring the power and versatility your app needs. Hit that contact button to discuss your custom requirements.

Scalable Apps

Scalability is the most important aspect of building MVPs for fast growth companies. We help develop apps that scale on AWS and Azure platforms and allow a seamless experience for one or one million users.

Database Architecture

We help develop a strong database schema for your MVP app that helps it scale as your business grows. We focus on building architectures that allow new features to be added as your software grows.


Building multitenant apps reduce your infrastructure costs and provide a unique and seamless experience to your customers. With such apps a single deployment can handle multiple customers seamlessly.

Reporting & Analysis

With integrations to Google Analytics, MixPanel, Redash, FullStory and other software tools, our apps help you make product-led decisions that fuel your software's growth.

Premium Support

Your project doesn't end when you get the final updates. We offer premium support for maintaining and further developing your application as per need. Talk to our sales for more information on your long term plans.