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Tech outsourcing services.

Get the extra no-strings-attached development, QA, product management power your business needs to excel. Our core team comes with a combined development experience in countless verticals and the latest tech.

Hourly & fixed contracts 

IT Outsourcing

Development & PM Services

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition, world view of disruptive innovation.

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Dedicated resources to get you to the market first.

Get the custom plan your business needs to release intuitive and functional products. Our dedicated hourly and contractual plans offer the flexibility of a startup and the reliability of an in-house team.

Software development outsourcing

We develop your software product MVPs that act as the backbone to grow and scale your company. As a team of ex-startup founders, we’ve developed MVP’s for companies backed by YC, TechStars and others.

Insurance CRM Developers
Language School Website Developers
NodeJS applications development agency
Ride sharing mobile app development company
Restaurant mobile app development company
Berlitz CRM

Product management, QA & dev-ops

Get the extra help via our no-strings-attached dedicated team to scale your product. Our team of product managers, quality assurance and dev-ops engineers help reduce your team’s workload.

Business process automation/Low-code

Products these days are interconnected thanks to APIs & webhooks. Utilize our expertise in setting up and managing your low-code software products that are fine tweaked to run optimally and efficiently.

Country housing website developers
Logistics Marketplace
Zapier integration experts

" We build solutions that drive your organization's growth. We've worked on thousands of projects with companies both big and small. You're welcome to reach out and discuss your project. "

— Adeel Malik, Executive Officer

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Exerge - Your web and mobile development partner

Technology Outsourcing Service With A Track Record

We know how to deliver software products & services that scale and grow your business

Latest Technologies

We are a development company with expertise in the latest NodeJS, Php, Python and .Net Core based technology frameworks. Talk to us today for your customized requirements.

Scalable Solutions

We build software solutions that are fast and scalable. Our team assists you in developing such applications and utilizes powerful infrastructure from AWS and Azure to scale your apps in real-time.

Software Architecture

Our expertise in developing enterprise applications can assist you in developing software architectures that make adding new features and scaling a breeze. Get on a free discovery call to discuss how we can help.

Functional Support

We offer functional support in product management, quality assurance, dev-ops, development and design as per your needs. The contracts are simple and transparent with dedicated account managers available at your time zone.

Reporting & Analysis

With tools like Mix panel, Google Analytics, Redash and others, we develop a reporting and analytics system that gives you a live understanding of your app's usage statistics. This data is essential for product led growth.

Product Market Fit

With our experienced ex-startup team, we can help you get to your product market fit by studying your customers, conducting interviews, developing and iterating software products around their needs to get to the gold standard of software products.