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You Want Your Organization To Grow. We’ll Help You Do It.

Exerge IT is a Web Design & Development Company that specializes in crafting amazing websites and mobile apps. As a part of the Whinstone group, the company specializes in creating online brands and apps and execution of marketing services. Exerge IT provides A-Z services from inception of your online presence to executing SEO services and marketing on social media and search engines. Exerge IT helps provide customized solutions that are best suited to the client’s needs and requirements. We are not another copy-paste web development company.

Our Story

Working together to get s**t done since 2015

Our team is on a lifelong mission to solve big challenges with technology and make it more affordable. Our core team has been obsessed with building things since a very young age.

This is a true story of self learned entrepreneurs. Our leadership team has been obsessed with web development and digital marketing since the mid 2000’s. They learned how to play to each other’s strengths and get some serious sh*t done. They honed their ability to solve complex problems – and that’s why Exerge IT outperforms its competition in design, development and timely execution.

As entrepreneurs, we know the value of time and money. We have incredible respect for leaders and business owners who are in the weeds, making decisions and focused on driving business forward. That’s why we created Exerge IT: to offer everything a business needs to make its vision for growth a reality – effectively and efficiently; hundreds of times, over and over again.

You could say web is our DNA.

A Better Website for Your Business

When you work with us, expect a high commitment, a good quality product and deadlines that are met. We are a small team who prefers to work with clients who rely on our experience and knowledge, and who trust that we keep their long-term interests in mind.


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