The Best Tourism & Hospitality Website Designs

Have you ever gone through a travel website that makes you want to pack your bags and take a trip around the world?  

Well, that’s what an effective travel website should make you feel. With excellent visuals and vivid language, it should pique the traveler’s interest. 

Although visuals may attract viewers in many ways, a travel website cannot serve its purpose without exceptional web design. Web design largely influences the first impressions that visitors acquire of a business. Therefore, when research participants were asked why they mistrusted a website, 94% of the comments were about design. 

The site’s design is vital in determining whether a visitor trusts the information and recommendations provided.  

Besides being a trustworthy source of inspiration, a travel website should provide potential travelers with all the information they need to plan a trip.  

As a result, the website must include clear directions, important logistics data, and suggestions to make the trip process easier for users. 

The Best Designed Travel & Tourism Websites 

Excellent UX and content design make it easier for travelers to book a vacation online without any convenience and a tedious user journey. A solid UX satisfies all potential consumers’ needs, including high usability and several other factors. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of outstanding travel website designs whose creativity, efficiency, and usability inspire visitors to fantasize about visiting unique destinations. 

Design Hotels  

Standout Features: 

  • Bold calls-to-action 
  • Responsive design 

Design Hotels is a reputable name in the travel industry for targeted searches and bookings. It offers hospitality services to a chain of more than 300 small boutiques and luxury hotels worldwide. Additionally, the website features an exceptional UX design, a well-planned responsive layout, and last but not least, the calls to action are clear and strategically placed. If we talk about the visual structure of the page, it is simple and well-balanced. Thus, there’s an emphasis on large pictures. Important details, like hotel listings, sales, and more, are highlighted by the site’s overall layout. Users may quickly and easily view the information they need. The CTA is likewise prominently visible and positioned. Therefore, the booking process is simple. The website provides a comprehensive variety of services for Design Hotels all across the globe. 

The Yacht Week 

Standout Features: 

  • Eye-pleasing blue and white palette 
  • Striking video guides 

The Yacht Week is the market pioneer and a well-known brand in the yachting tourism industry. Want to try something different other than forest and land adventures? Look no further because this website offers you an ideal yachting experience. Try something new every day and discover different islands. Although the layout is clear and the information is accessible with just a few clicks, the header navigation appears too tiny. Additionally, the website offers detailed booking tutorials. Large, appealing photographs make up the majority of the visual UI design, while the colors blue and white dominate the color palette. However, a third accent color would prove to be exceptional for significant CTA components, such as buttons or certain major UI features. 

Standout Features:  

  • Easy navigation
  • Vivid Illustrations 

Airbnb Encourages Travelers to See Their Own Backyard

Through this popular rental vacation website, you can easily find and book lodgings of all kinds, including flats, hotels, and hostels. The “Air Bed and Breakfast” platform enables owners to rent their premises to travelers seeking a place to stay. Thus, your guests’ experience could be customized according to your preferences using the model. Moreover, peer-to-peer connectivity is the foundation of Airbnb. As a result, it becomes intuitive, simple to use, and often more advantageous for both parties. The website’s fundamental design is built on showcasing stunning images from across the globe. These images highlight the diverse local cultures of various locations and feature the lovely interior decor of the vacation rentals. Moreover, the CTA is prominently displayed, and to increase the credibility of the entire site, each item consists of a comment section. 

Phos Villas 

Standout Features:  

  • Parallax scrolling  
  • Visible CTA 

Have you ever come across a website that is so attractive that it serves more than just the basic functionality of booking or offering lodging details? Well, one such illustration is the design of the hotel website of Phos Villas. Moreover, Phos Villas offers an eye-catching cinematic experience in addition to a brief tour of the Phos area through superb parallax scrolling. The whimsical style of the hotel website can be seen on the homepage. Therefore, with every picture change, ornamental spheres that resemble planets circle the sky over images of the Phos landscape. By scrolling through this parallax excursion, users can easily learn much more about available villas and the area overall. 

Conscious Hotels 

Standout Features:  

  • Well-executed navigation 
  • Luxurious design 

Sustainable / Eco hotels in Amsterdam - Conscious Hotels

A chain of eco-friendly hotels named Conscious Hotels operates throughout all of Amsterdam. Given the sheer volume of content on this website, it must make it simple for visitors to access to information needed. And with some thoughtful design brilliance, that is precisely what its hotel website design delivers. The website’s homepage includes a CTA, language choice plus country flags, and a navigation breadcrumb menu over a hero image of an eco-bar. Thus, as you scroll down the page, four clickable cards representing their various hotels are displayed. The content on these cards urges you to click on them. Yet without startling the user, the occasional shift of the graphics or text keeps things flowing and engaging. This website design is an ideal illustration of how usability and interactivity work together to provide a great user experience. 


Well, that’s the end of it! This list of the best-designed travel websites we compiled is what we hope you’ve found helpful and that you liked. When creating a unique hotel website, the best approach is still up for debate. Customers should be able to effortlessly navigate the information they need while you highlight the most extraordinary experiences the website has to offer. We, at Exerge, are more than pleased to support you if you need inspiration for website design. We take satisfaction in collaborating with various industries and observing how our designs can enhance your firm’s business.