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IT consultancy services.

Our team of ex tech-startup founders and enthusiasts work with organizations, both big and small, as technology consultants, assisting in business operations automation, product management and more.

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Tech Consultancy Services

We help you make sense of your products

Be it product roadmaps, business process optimizations or hard-core development decisions, we help you put things in to perspective to help with goal alignment and incremental progress.

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Consultancy that adds real value.

Looking for a technology consultant to review your products, code or architecture? Need extra sets of brains to dive deep into your software? Our team of ex-startup founders who’ve worked with YC & TechStars companies are here to assist.

Software product consultancy

Utilize our startup product management & development experience to help grow your MVP. Our software product consultancy provides a complete review of your product with tangible action items.

Real estate marketplace developers
Insurance CRM Developers
Berlitz CRM
NFT marketplace website developers
real-estate marketplace developers

Software development consultancy

If you’re developing a software that requires design and development consultancy, feel free to reach out to us. We develop software products and MVPs for a living and are the right partner agency to consult for your software dev needs.

Business process optimizations

If you’re an organization looking to design, develop your business processes using API gateways and applications, we can help you get the maximum benefit out of your tech infrastructure.

fintech MVP app development company
Zapier integration experts
no code/low code web and mobile developers

" We build solutions that drive your organization's growth. We've worked on thousands of projects with companies both big and small. You're welcome to reach out and discuss your project. "

— Adeel Malik, Executive Officer

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Get The Extra Startup Experience

Our team comes with the experience of building multi-million dollar software companies in the digital products space

UI/UX Conslutancy

A great user experience brings software products one step closer to the reduced churn rate targets. We help identify gaps in your user experience with suggested improvements on improvements you can focus on.

Business Automations

Automations are the fuel for business growth. We help analyze and setup your business automations and workflows so your core infrastructure is strong and is optimized to eliminate any gaps in the systems.

Dev Consultancy

Exerge IT offer software development consultancy to organizations of all sizes to get that extra overview of the overall direction of your software products and services. This service is essential for startups looking to grow their software solutions at early stages.

Team Organization

Our team organization structure helps you implement structures in place with defined workflows to ensure an optimized business system that acts as the core base of your growth.

Reporting & Analysis

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value your product can grow based on. We help analyze your reporting and analytics infrastructure to ensure your business is gathering the data required to make the decisions of the future.

Goal Setting

As easy as it may sound, setting the right goals is challenging in technology companies. Our goal setting and measuring services keep a birds eye overview of your organizational goals and steps to get to them.