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Being a mega real estate project, Capital Smart City needed to manage a global scale sales and marketing operation. To manage a mega project as such, the company required a strong CRM and call center system that could support its outbound and inbound operations in 4 countries, the United States, Canada, Pakistan, and United Kingdom.


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.Net Core, React, Asterisks

Call center for the real estate industry

The company with a in-office team of over 400 employees was relying on legacy hardware Panasonic hardware SIP trunks to manage call routing and managed sales and marketing using excel sheets. Managing KPIs that affected commissions was a nightmare as there was no way to track leads back to the first point of contacts. Call center teams were scattered across 3 continents with little to no communication between teams. Leads were filtered and managed through printed Excel sheets that were reconciled every evening and managing follow-ups was up to the agent.

At the time the project was won by Exerge and its sister concern, Whinstone, the call center cubicles only had hardware cable phones and stacks of printed sheets.

The solution involved a complete revamp of the real estate company’s sales and marketing operations as well as a complete upgrade of the call center infrastructure without disturbing the existing legacy infrastructure of hardware trunks and telephones used by the general office. The multipart upgrades involved deploying new hardware to support multiple SIP trunks,

The software call center was setup in one office and all global traffic was routed to it to manage and process all leads in one 24/7 call center slashing payroll to 1/2.

The CRM helps manage all sales ops, KPIs, commissions and more in one place. Reporting in run-time was made possible to the extensive data collected during the day eliminating the need of manually reconciling data.

Forget “custom” algorithms. You’re matched with a Capital Smart City agent who gets to know your customer's skin. They’ll ask questions, log the progress and close sales on one platform.

Excel? Printed Tables? Manual Calls? Lose the old way of doing business. Talk to Exerge and get simple, affordable and bespoke software that helps bring your focus back on growing.

Custom ERP Development

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