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Case Study: Insurance Call Center & CRM

The insurance industry

The insurance industry inherently has large volumes of leads to process in a short amount of time. There are corporate leads to sell different packages to while consumer products are being marketed in parallel on an even faster pace.

This raises issues like lead management, executing outbound calls, managing follow ups, filtering out waste leads and pushing customers down the marketing and sales pipelines only.

Managing existing customer’s queries, getting the documentation to get the insurance due diligence completed as an entirely different process that never stops.



The solution

In short, Kordeva. The long answer and back story involves a CRM and Call Center software we developed specifically around our customers in the insurance industry.

Kordeva’s CRM system helps manage your insurance leads and manages and filters them along the customer journey. Its built in automated call center system does all the predictive dialing on the leads and follow ups managed by the CRM. This coherent solution helps educate your outreach teams on the person they’re calling, their name, location and other basic details.

This education on the customer gets multiplied when receiving inbound calls from existing customers. This is done by providing the agents with the right information as they receive incoming calls.

The back end call center solution is built on the robust and secure Asp .NET Core and Asterisks server. This helped AGICO plug their existing call center infrastructure directly to our CRM and Call Center system without any changes in the SIP trunk numbers.

CRM online dialer sample
CRM business
CRM dashboard sample
The transformation

The transformation in short resulted in simplification of the business processes for the insurance company. What was being managed over multiple email threads and dozens of Microsoft Excel sheets with manual untrusted reporting is now smooth and streamlined.

The outreach team got leads in csv format that get published on the platform. They’re divided randomly within the call center staff who can use the automated softphones to make calls, schedule follow-ups and filter through the leads pool. Leads that have a potential are put through the marketing pipelines followed by the sales pipelines where all the required documentation is collected to build and close the deal.

This increased the productivity of the sales, services and marketing teams and the tool is still being used at the time of writing this case study (July, 2022).

sales pipeline design and development
Observed improvements
  • Up to 35% optimized customer support turn-around times
  • The cold call conversion rate dropped from 9 to 6 as agents are now more informed and follow an automated follow-up schedule
  • First cold contact per agent increased from 30 to 45 as the agent's time hungry tasks like filtering, updating responses etc. are now handled autonomously.
  • Real time reporting. Now that the system is autonomous, it provides real-time insights for a day, YTD, MTD and other custom intervals on the click of a button.

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